A web-based, multidimensional, international campaign to combat the commercial and online sexual exploitation of Filipino children

Stop the commercial and online sexual exploitation of Filipino children

The Problem

Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) occurs when people under the age of 18 engage in or are forced into prostitution and pornography in exchange for money or material payment.
Online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC) refers to child sexual exploitation that is facilitated or takes place through the Internet and other related media.

The Philippines

CSEC and OSEC remain significant problems in the Philippines. The Philippines has been described as a breeding ground for exploitation because of the widespread poverty, removed location, and the unobstructed ability to communicate with the locals

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While local efforts are made, there is still much to improve upon regarding the country’s efforts at fighting human trafficking and child exploitation.

Unicef philippines and ECPAT international report

60000 - 100000

Filipino children are involved in the sex industry

1 out of 5

Filipino children have experience sexual violence

8 out of 10

Filipino children are at risk at online sexual abuse

1 in 3

Sexual trafficking victims are children